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We encourage parents of our patients to educate themselves regarding their  childrens’ healthcare and safety. Here are some reputable resources that we recommend:

Refer to this American Academy of Pediatrics sponsored website for information on everything from childproofing to sleep training to vaccines.

Traveling abroad? Refer to the travelers’ health page of the CDC website for up to date information regarding precautions or vaccines that may be required prior to travel.

Questions about an ailment or illness? Get symptom specific advice from an American Academy of Pediatrics recommended resource:

Questions or concerns about a particular vaccine? Refer to the Vaccine Information Statements provided by the CDC:

Acetaminophen Dosage Table for Fever and Pain

Acetaminophen (i.e., Tylenol®, Feverall®, Tempra®) is an over-the-counter medicine used to reduce fever and relieve pain. Improper dosing is one of the biggest problems in giving acetaminophen to children. This chart, based on your child’s weight, can help determine the right dosage amount, but is no substitute for your pediatrician’s advice.


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